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  • What does a Gentle Sleep Coach do?
    As a Sleep Coach I help to give you clarity, direction, guidance and motivation during our journey of coaching your little one to sleep better. I help you to understand the why before the how which will lead to long-term positive results. Consistently is key to success. Presenting changes to your child is not always smooth and it’s easy to fall back to old habits, especially when you are sleep deprived. As a Sleep Coach I am your accountability partner. I take your hand and help you follow through and finetune our sleep plan along the way. I want you to feel that we are in this together and I will be coaching you towards positive change all along the way.
  • Do you come to our house or is this an online service?
    For the intake call and the consultation we plan an online (video) call. Face-to-face sessions are available for an extra travel fee.The sleep coaching services with daily advice and feedback is done through whatsapp (voice message, text, quick calls when needed)
  • How do I choose the right Sleep Program?
    I would love to speak to you so I can understand your sleep struggles and help you choose the best sleep program for your family. Sometimes a single consultation is sufficient. Most parents choose a coaching program with 2-3 weeks of daily support so you can set yourself up for success for the long term and stay consistent. If you are curious how I could possibly help you then I invite you to book a free 30-min intake call. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • Will I have to let my child cry?
    Hearing cries from your baby can be heartbreaking and hard. Unfortunately, presenting a change at bedtime to babies and children often results in some tears. This is their only way of communicating with you and expressing their frustration. You will see that with the Gentle Sleep Coaching approach, you can still give your little one the love and support and comfort and reassurance he needs and also give him space to learn the skill of falling asleep by himself. And once he feels secure and has learnt the skill, there will no longer be a need for crying.
  • I breastfeed. Do I have to stop when we start sleep coaching?
    No, you don't need to stop breastfeeding, unless you wish to do so (and if this is age and developmentally appropriate). When we do the deep dive into the sleep challenges and create a sleep plan, this will be tailor-made to your family needs and goals. Every family is different, every baby sleeps different, every sleep plan is therefore different.
  • What happens if my child gets sick during the coaching period?
    That’s okay and this happens occasionally. We can pause the coaching until your child feels better and re-start once he/she is feeling better.
  • Can you help me if I have a newborn?
    Yes, I would love to help you. Life with a new baby can be quite overwhelming and sleepless nights can take its toll. When a baby is younger than 5 months old they are not developmentally ready for any Sleep Coaching and your baby needs you more than ever to soothe and fall asleep. I recommend you to look into my Newborn Sleep Shaping Program where I help you to understand the science of sleep, create a healthy sleep environment and sleep practices. This will set the stage for your baby to learn how to sleep independently when he/she is developmentally ready (5+ months).
  • What if Gentle Sleep Coaching also doesn’t help?
    With a current success rate of 95% I am confident to say that I can help your little one to learn how to sleep better. I will help you to define realistic goals and expectations (age and developmentally appropriate) during the intake call and consultation when we do a deepdive and create a tailor made sleep plan for your family. If you are as dedicated as I am to help your little one to learn how to sleep better with your support, I will offer you an extension of the coaching weeks until you sleep better than when you started the sleep coaching program. Sometimes sleep coaching may not be successful indeed, underlying medical issues and not following through in a consistent way. Rest assured, I am here to help identify any red flags and support you all along the way!
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