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My Story

Gentle Sleep Coach sitting and smiling at the camera


Sleep has always been my passion. I love sleeping! My interest in learning more about

paediatric sleep was triggered when I became a mom of our first daughter Maja in 2018. Having a demanding corporate job including frequent international travel, I was laser-focused on my girls’ sleep. I had read all the books, blogs, and articles, listened to podcasts while breastfeeding, and got tons of (wanted and unwanted) advice from family and friends. 


We were lucky - Maja was a good sleeper. She slept long stretches early on and slept through the night when she was four months old. Bedtime was lovely, without any struggles and she was not dependent on us to fall asleep and stay asleep. Easy peasy.


Sleep got interrupted drastically again after we had our twins. Not a big surprise. They needed lots of attention, especially in their first year. Our eldest daughter, however, started rebelling at bedtime and waking multiple times at night - wanting me to comfort her and sit with her till asleep. Being extremely sleep-deprived, I couldn’t turn the tide and think straight, or follow through anything I had read or heard without getting upset at her and myself. Exhaustion was taking its toll.  


I felt so guilty and such a failure as a mom. Desperate for sleep, we sought help from a sleep coach - this was the best decision (and investment) ever. Our sleep coach helped us to implement a tailor-made plan and stay consistent. Her holistic approach gave us clarity, and confidence and allowed us to implement changes while being gentle, kind, and supportive to our daughter.


Within days after we started the sleep coaching program we noticed positive changes and we felt more confident. And within three weeks we had a well-rested child and we were happier parents! 


This was the start of my new journey and mission to help other parents to seek help when sleep deprivation is taking its toll. I wanted to continue doing what I love most: helping others thrive personally and professionally.


I decided to learn more about paediatric sleep and take on a new path and was accepted into the exclusive Gentle Sleep Coach program. In 2023 I proudly graduated as a certified Gentle Sleep Coach – trained personally by Kim West – the founder of Gentle Sleep Coaching.


With How About Sleep I am on a mission to help to support you to help your child learn one of the most valuable life skills, SLEEP. As a Gentle Sleep Coach, I don’t train your child personally. Instead, I will be coaching you, the parent, to be the best coach for your child as he/she learns the new skill of falling asleep and staying asleep – sleeping through the night (if age and developmentally appropriate). In turn, you can enjoy parenthood and life without stress and overwhelm again.


Only when I became a parent and experienced interrupted sleep, did I discover how sleep influenced my day and my state of mind. Sleep is essential to survive and thrive, and to stay healthy mentally and physically.


Did you know that 1 in 4 children under 5 years old doesn’t sleep well? You are not alone. Yet, besides the overwhelming and conflicting articles, books, blogs, podcasts, and advice you may get, even following outdated methods such as ‘letting your baby cry-it-out-alone’, we also feel like a bad parent when our child doesn’t sleep well or keeps us awake at night. So how to break this vicious cycle? 


Remember that sleep deprivation can have a high toll on your child, your well-being, your family dynamics, your relationships, your professional career, and most importantly, your health.


I urge you not to wait it out and hope that your little one will grow out of this phase by himself. This will most likely not happen and you will continue to have sleepless nights and frustrations with bedtime, naps, nighttime waking or early rising for a long time. Asking for help is your first step towards positive change.


As a Gentle Sleep Coach®, I am dedicated to giving you clarity, direction, and guidance during our journey of supporting your little one to sleep better. I will help you to understand the science of sleep – the why before the how - which will lead to long-term positive results. Consistency is key to success. Presenting changes to your child is not always easy and it’s easy to fall back into old habits, especially when you are sleep-deprived. As a Gentle Sleep Coach®, I am your accountability partner. I will help you follow through and finetune our sleep plan along the way. I want you to feel that we are in this together as I will be coaching you towards positive change all along the way, with as little tears as possible. 


Are you curious and do you like the sound of feeling more rested and energised within 2-3 weeks? Get in touch with me or book a free intake call. I would love to hear about your struggles, what you have tried so far, and what you would like to work towards. I don't have a magic wand (unfortunately!) but we can work on setting realistic expectations that are age-appropriate and fit your family's needs. We can talk about my approach and I can advise you which program would be most suitable. 

Get in touch with me. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Xoxo Petra


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